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like the one when the game jumps to the boss saying something about an inapropriate comment, when im talking to the secretary.also walking in on the boss, then door closes what ever i choose. You are getting free games of good quality and expect the host to steal other sites games so you don`t have to open a new link (though I sure it is easy to just take other peoples possessions its a pretty lowlife act and I for one respect this site for fact they aren`t thieves and give me FREE access to a lot of good games from multiple sites and give credit to game developers) ....I just wish you could have a threesome with Violet at the end if you choose not to help April. i fpund it too hard to get her to get the main role in the play but i like the idea and concpt of the game. I realized that I missed a very important part: when you meet with April in the hallway (before the prom), you need to click on the left side of the screen near the window and choose the option "See what april was looking at".please keep producing more like these but add a bit more story and more inter;action. The main character sees that April was spying on Violet because April had a crush on her..

Once passed through the second date it turns more introguing and easier to find out. This is one of the best games that has been published here - or anywhere recently - in a long time. Push her limits whenever you can to boost her confidence. Kiss her at the front door when the option appears. Like one, five, or twenty." - "A proton." - "I know you`re not as nasty as you pretend to be. Speak to Betsy - "Yeah, that felt pretty awesome." - "If that means what I think it means, I`m in! It should be impossible not to have sex again, for Betsy to get the part, and for the game to end in a foursome.Hint the cop and her friend are the only two who don`t freak out if you walk in on them changing.Once you figure out how to get the girls to change into swimsuits it`s pretty simple from there.And the secretary When I got to "turn right" talk to Andre he wasn`t there. For everyone who doesn`t get an to ending: There`s a walkthrough on the site you`re linked to. If you chose your boss, talk and flirt to her as often as you can. If you chose your secretary, put vodka in the punch get rid of the other guy and set up a prank for her. Maybe I will install Mozilla once :-)) Very nicely done.

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Leilani went naked like an old pro, but Crystal and Kelly in spite of their bashfulness were in their birthday suits in no time.

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