Android digital clock widget not updating

Either way, though, start by tapping the three-dot menu button at the top of the screen, then choose the "Settings" option.From here, you can change the time service with the first option if you'd like, but the first thing you should do is tick the "Enable" box beneath the From here, there are additional options for tweaking the synchronization process to your liking, but most users should be satisfied with leaving these set to their default values.Without this operation, you will not be able to add the Weather and Clock widget: You can adjust the size of the widget by dragging the sides of the blue frame. Once the widget is set, touch the icon representing a cloud to add the weather predictions corresponding to your city.

With the previous version of Android (Lollipop), you were used to have the Weather and Clock widget displayed on the main Home screen of your Samsung device.The trouble here is that this feature won't work when you're outside of cellular range, and a lot of times, the carriers themselves have technical difficulties that can result in your phone's clock being minutes or even hours out of sync.I've experienced this issue several times, personally, and it always makes me wish Android's clock would simply sync with official time-keeping services like NTP or NIST.In this weeks installment of Android widgets, I will highlight a number of useful clock widgets that assist you in telling the time.Depending on which Android device you purchase, you may already have a clock widget.

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Retro Clock Widget: This widget is based on the classic mechanical flipping clocks often seen in train stations.2.

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