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Our Inter Nations Ambassadors organize regular events and various expat activities, e.g.a dinner in Melbourne’s hippest restaurant or an outing with other French expats to explore Queensland.Speaking on France 2 television's evening news, Mr Fillon was grilled over whether he would stand down.He was regarded by his peers as a visionary and a cerebral chef who helped open the way to new approaches to gastronomy.Signalling there could well be a belief that the French public may flock to Front National, Mr Juppé appeared to be resigned that he could not win the voters his Conservative party needs to storm the election.He said: "France needs a renewal, but I will not incarnate that renewal."It is too late."Mr Fillon has denied allegations that members of his family, including his Welsh wife Penelope, were paid taxpayers' money for fictitious job.He is widely expected to be knocked out of the first round of the election on April 23 as Marine Le Pen goes head to head with Francois Hollande's former finance minister Emmanuel Macron.Le Pen is expected to do well in the first round but tipped to lose in the second round on May 7.

In 2005, he transformed the Parisian temple of gastronomy Lucas Carton, which he took over in 1985, into a lower-priced establishment.

Today Mr Fillon shocked viewers as he went on television in France this morning to say he was "not autistic", in response to demands for him to stand down.

Pressure has been piling on Fillon over the scandal involving his employment of his Welsh wife Penelope.

He was tipped to replace centre-right candidate Francois Fillon, who is facing growing pressure to resign after he was hit by scandal over his financial affairs.

Mr Juppé confirmed this morning that he has no plans to run for the presidency.

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He told the news magazine L'Express in 2012 that he was "ashamed... Asian-inspired dishes that he was known for continued, such as pigeon with crab and vermicelli, and Javanese lamb curry with citronella and mango.

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