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Frequently, economic models posit structural parameters. Structural parameters are underlying parameters in a model or class of models.

In mathematical sociology, interpersonal ties are defined as information-carrying connections between people.

Clearly, they are able to put those big brains to good use.

Historically, religious laws played a significant role even in settling of secular matters, and is still used in some religious communities, particularly Jewish and Islamic.But what is a mile-high stone image of a half-man half-lion image doing on the surface of Mars? Were they connected to an ancient civilization of Earth? Lost Cities of China, Central Asia & India, David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press 73. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, Berrett Koehler 93.In Egypt, we were introduced to the story of Isis and Osiris and Horus carved in hieroglyphics and pictures into the wall of a temple. The Hollow Earth, Raymond Bernard, Health Research 74. Illuminati: the Cult that Hijacked the World, Henry Makow Ph D, Silas Green 94.In Egypt are the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Bolivia the megalithic sites of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku, on Easter Island the massive stone heads and in Peru are the massive stone structures of Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, the temple-like city of Machu Picchu and the plains of Nazca with runways and images which can only be seen from the air.These were all created by a civilization and technology unknown to us. The Only Planet Of Choice, Phyllis Schlemmer & Mary Bennett, Gateway 82.

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Lady Justice, a goddess symbolising justice who bears a sword – symbolising the coercive power of a tribunal –, scales – representing an objective standard by which competing claims are weighed – and a blindfold indicating that justice should be impartial and meted out objectively, without fear or favor and regardless of money, wealth, power or identity.

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