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Many of us were first introduced to #Pokemon as kids, but now, after 20 years with the franchise, trainers who their journeys of becoming a Pokemon Master have grown up, and maybe even contributed to the next generation.

Our minds are older, wiser, and more tainted with carnal knowledge. Is it any surprise then, that players are noticing things in #Pokemon Sun Moon that seem a little...racy?

The milf is so sexy that a young male would risk his relationship with a friend or girlfriend to have sex with the mother.

The 'milf' fantasy combines the sexual knowledge of the experienced older woman with the danger of doing something forbidden.

See for yourself: Plenty of fans have slavered over Professor Kukui and his sexy but unsafe lab attire.

Kukui's unconventional research methods involve getting Pokémon to try out his moves on his rock-hard abs, but quite frankly, it sounds like he's taking a particular kind of pleasure in the process.

Is there any advice you guys might be able to give me here?

I don't like to kinkshame, but I feel there's something creepy when one thinks about human-Pokémon interaction, and if you don't believe there's already a ton of Miltank fetish art out there, then you don't know the internet.

In a world in which humans can capture and command a Miltank...fill in the blanks.

Then once the 30 seconds of embarrassing made-up explanations concludes, the erection is back.

My fear of this happening has prevented me from getting with girls who aren't randoms in fear that they'll tell people about it.

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