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(I was amused and thought it was hilarious) Example 2 Me: If you were to meet me at speed dating, assuming you don’t know me from before, would you be interested in me? People are unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations, according to users.So let’s take a look at some of these not-so-good things about Minecraft, and how to make it a better experience for the whole family.One of the confusing aspects of Minecraft for many parents is trying to understand exactly what their kids are doing when they play. You may or may not agree, but I welcome your feedback. A dance partner, or she/he is teaching you a sport. If you are dedicating some time during your day to either talk/hang out with that person everyday or on a very consistent basis, then I think you’re more likely to fall for that person. (Note: I asked him because I know he doesn’t like me. Sometimes, it is even easier to be friends with the opposite sex because either you only hang out in groups, or you only see each other 2-3 times a year, or they are your friends’ boyfriends/girlfriends (although, this might depend on the person).This post assumes that the men and women are heterosexual* In my opinion, men and women can be purely friends BUT it is extremely difficult if they: 1. (In my opinion, the more physical contact you have with the person, the more likelihood you are to develop feelings for that person). Personally, for me, regardless if it’s female or male, if I spend a lot of time with you, I will get emotionally attached. If you are both available and are attracted to the opposite sex AND spend a great deal of time with each other, one side or both are quite likely to fall for each other. I was just curious) Friend 2: If I wanted to be more than friends, I would have done something 8 years ago when we met. So in conclusion, I think it is definitely possible for men and women to be purely friends. Note: Usually once someone gets into a relationship, you will lose your close guy/girlfriend because priorities change.Once you become a habit, it’s very difficult for me to stop/get rid of. In my opinion, if you are good friends with someone, the person probably already has a lot of qualities you admire (be it intellect, personality, physical, and so on). If he/she has spare time, he/she would want to spend it with their significant other. If you want to read, “The Eunuch is Pregnant”, click here Have you read my other posts on Grace Time?We humans tend to be attracted to those who are similar to us. *pause again* I actually thought of putting make up on, but I thought about it, why do I have to impress you? There are also people who refuse to believe men and women can be purely friends, so to avoid problems, sometimes you/the friend might just stop hanging out. Do you believe men and women can be purely friends?

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Therefore, you are already attracted to some extent.

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