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This is absolutely normal: you’re forcing your body to learn how to burn fat again, because it’s used to burning all the sugar (‘carbohydrates’) you’ve been eating.However, you’re probably already noticing an increase in energy, a decrease in post-meal fatigue, and a lessened desire to snack. The cravings will dissipate, but the benefits won’t.I started to conceptualize HIV as a "when" not an "if." Then, once I learned about Pr EP, I spoke to my doctor, and we agreed this was the most appropriate prevention strategy. Pr EP has changed my dating life, because it has completely removed the fear of HIV from sex.I had never experienced sex without fear in my life.Despite recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and studies that indicate that Pr EP can reduce HIV transmission by 96 and up to 99 percent, there are still relatively few gay and bisexual men on the drug.It can be hard to find anyone among your friends to ask about it.Drag queens also vary by class and culture and can vary even within the same city.

You may be going through bread and cereal withdrawal, with periods in which you absolutely crave them.The best part about a primal/’paleo’ diet is that you don’t have to measure or keep track of anything: no counting calories, no ‘points’, no worries about macronutrient ratios. You’ve made another big step towards better health and greater vitality.You’re no longer shuffling through life like a wounded gazelle, expecting the jaws of death on its neck at any moment.This week, we asked members to weigh in on whether or not the terms “top” and “bottom” are still relevant in 2016. Do you think the terms “top” and “bottom” are still relevant?

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