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The construction of the Donegal Town Bypass in the year 2000 uncovered over twenty ‘Court Tomb’ sites.Many dating between five and six thousand years old which is proof that a society existed in this region.The historic storybook setting of the castle delivers superior hospitality and comfort to guests of every kind.Ideal for a relaxing getaway, brainstorming wedding, adventure of the region's great outdoors, or company retreat, Lough Eske Castle accommodates all forms of traveler.

The first woollen mill on this site, Round Tower Tweeds, established in the 1930’s, continued the tradition of handweaving into the 1960’s when it introduced modern power looms. A plan was put in place to move the operation to Co Galway, and a new brand, Connemara Fabrics, was created.

Studio Donegal Woollen Mill is based in Kilcar, Co Donegal, where a tradition of hand weaving and woollen textiles has been in existence, dating back to the late 1700’s and earlier, prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Textiles provided an important income for rural dwellers in the cottage industry.

The shell of Raphoe Castle, dating from 1630, was once used as the Bishop’s Palace, and stands just outside the town itself.

This castle is one of the most significant castles in the county and has suffered numerous attacks throughout the ages, from Cromwell in 1650 to the United Irishmen in 1798.

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