Is raymond lam dating linda chung

It was rare that the major newspapers also reported the above matter at the same time.

She is currently active in Hong Kong and signed with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) after winning the 2004 Miss Chinese International.

或許戀愛都只有煙火那刻的摧燦 如此簡單 快樂不多於一晚 內心總有限束縛怎可不驚嘆 然後發現情或許轉淡 Linda: 越討好你 就換來傷心痛哭多一晚 如此貪玩 厭舊貪新我心淡 是否早註定體貼都不會得到稱讚 怕熱愛已退減 Both: 誰願稀罕這愛情 從未甘心因我轉性 其實清楚這過程 就算犧牲不會高興 已心領 Raymond: 什麼戀愛的感覺始終有它的限期 隨心歡喜放任心中不止你 受種種責備逼我放肆敷衍你 其實已盡全力喜歡你 Linda: 並不必暗示感覺一早已熄 多得你 從今天起 我亦不稀罕等你 獨身的趣味 不怕即使抱擁得空氣 我亦懶去記起 Raymond: Never meant to be cruel, Never meant to hurt you...

Recently, according to Hongkong media reports, Raymond Lam (Raymond Lam) with 5 years of dating girlfriend Wu thousand words break it!

Raymond Lam used to be the TVB's best, and everyone knows that.

He Yan value these several years, although have change, but also all the way handsome come over of person ~!

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