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If you're not sure of who to reach out to in your community, some of the contacts below could help. And if you're finding it really difficult to stay alive, we suggest taking a look at the crisis resources –they includes some UK National 24 hour services that are always available. This page is intended as a self-help tool and is not intended as a substitute for professional services.

We hope that you have strength to continue taking steps towards finding help. Please seek help from a crisis service, doctor or mental health service if you are thinking about suicide.

Also provides services for those whose lives are affected by domestic and family violence, homicide, relationship difficulties, grief, addiction, depression or anxiety.

We deal with any questions on any topic (from English to Science and everything in between! The service is an additional resource, to work alongside and complement, (but not replace) existing school and public library services – a ‘guide on the side’ at the point and time of need.Are you thinking about suicide or concerned about someone else? Grassroots isn't able to intervene directly, but on this page you'll find our suggestions plus several helplines, links, and apps that can help you stay alive.We believe there's no shame in reaching out for help if you are feeling stressed, depressed or experiencing suicidal crisis in some form.Tel: 0800 068 41 41 Calls are free from all providers and do not appear on bills.Email: [email protected]: 07786 209697 Texts are free from all providers and do not appear on bills.

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