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That’s what it takes to make the needle move.” The crime report also noted a sharp increase in dating violence at the school, up nearly 300 percent with 36 cases reported last year.

The university has an enrollment of more than 5,000 students.

Nilva says there's likely a much greater incidence of dating violence than reflected in the study."Reporting in these areas is very low," said Nilva.

Stephanie Nilva is the executive director of Day One -- a group that works to prevent teen dating violence.“People are getting a better idea of what dating violence is, which may increase reporting.” During the 2014-15 school year, Rodwell-Lawton said the center’s programs reached nearly 3,000 students on campus.

As we moved into the new Millennium, Domestic Violence has not become what our society thought it would.

In fact, the mere mention of it today as an ongoing crisis should really make our society embarrassed.

It has only been in the past decade that our society has begun to realize that we are overlooking the severity of domestic violence.

We have viewed domestic violence as merely a moral and ethical dilemma, not an obligation.

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