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'You've got a movie that is very important to the fanboys since it's based on a Japanese anime movie.

So you're always trying to thread that needle between honoring the source material and make a movie for a mass audience,' Davies added.

You may consider an atom as being "built up" from a naked nucleus by gradually adding to it one electron after another, until all the electrons it will hold have been added.

Many took issue with the casting of Johansson as the cyborg protagonist who was Japanese in the original, calling it another example of Hollywood 'whitewashing.' The critics reviews prior to the opening weekend were also unfavorable.'We had hopes for better results domestically.

I think the conversation regarding casting impacted the reviews,' said Kyle Davies, domestic distribution chief for Paramount.

The correction factor must be added or subtracted from the conventional radiocarbon age.*****Beta Analytic’s fees already include δ13C measurements in conjunction with C14 analysis.

The lab also provides δ13C measurements NOT in conjunction with C14 analysis except for water samples.

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