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Hanson is celebrating their 25th anniversary by going on a worldwide tour called “Middle of Everywhere” — a play on their breakthrough album, "Middle of Nowhere" — and releasing a greatest-hits album by the same name. They’ve gone on to start their own record label, create a beer company and have 12 children between them.

And unlike the all-too-common tales of child stars, Zac, Taylor and Isaac are proud of their wholesome image.

I’m a proud family man.” Isaac added, “We didn’t want our kids raised in a place plagued by smog and plastic surgery.” RELATED: Hanson to 'MMMBop' and globetrot for huge 25th anniversary tour They also said living in a more rural state has allowed them to continue their business on their terms.

They pretty much stayed up in the balcony but Isaac did come down to use the bathroom once. When Gregg Alexander, the lead singer, talked about the comments on putting the bands into the song, he said he only put the band names in because of admiration. I thought it was cool b/c many people, especially celebrities, won't admit that they like Hanson. and Tina was trying to teach the other members of the band how to speak "American" and she was going over a few things (like what we call elevators, etc.) and she came across the last pic and said "And this is Hanson, over here they call them talented" I thought that was stupid of her to say because SClub7 sure as heck aint talented! I was watching ',' a new show on Mtv where like two people go out, and 3 of their friends or family or something watch them from cams, and they have pagers...In celebration of the band’s 25th Anniversary, multi-Grammy nominated pop-rock trio HANSON toured Australia with their anniversary album and new single "I Was Born".“Making music together for 25 years is a milestone that we had to acknowledge, and what better way to do it than an anniversary tour,” said keyboardist Taylor Hanson. So the other night the girl starts talking and she's like 'My favorite band is Hanson, I know everything about them, I have every CD... ' I just thought it was kinda cool that an older girl would admit on TV, and to a guy on the first date that she loved Hanson. so the people watching page them telling them to relax, or do stuff.

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Taylor didn't let Natalie out of is site the entire time they were on the floor! They have started mixing the album, they were just taking a few days off for the 4th of july. " and she said "no" and Kurt Loder was like "why, what happened? And at the tender age of nineteen, Taylor Hanson became an honest man at the hands of recent high school grad Natalie Anne Bryant, in Georgia. Theres also a small pic (the same as the 1st black & white wedding pic that was posted on Hanson House w/ the caption "Sunrise, sunset: Taylor weds.") Yesterday I was watching .

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